Your civil attorney and trial lawyer in Bavaria und North Rhine-Westphalia.

I love to act fast and decisively, since no one likes his case being buried under a stack of files.

Rechtsanwalt Joachim Pawlowski

With a bold strategy we can always be ahead of our opponents. That's why I work together with you, bringing in professionality, creativity, and flexibilty.

Drop us a mail anytime or arrange an appointment in our offices in Dingolfing or in Cologne.

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Court Proceeding

I make you being heard, at eye level with the jugde.


I enforce restitution of damages and compensation for pain and suffering.


I clarify the claims between ex-partners accuratly.

Labor Law

If it's about wage issues or fighting a termination - I help you immediately.
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  1. What I do
  • Clear strategy
  • Immediate correspondence
  • Understandable explaination
Legal proceedings
  • Consistent action
  • Confident appearance
  • Accurate pleadings
Legal advice
  • Prompt appointment
  • Detailed discussion
  • Written result
Rechtsanwalt Joachim Pawlowski I take resonsibility for solving your problems and serving your interests. Joachim Pawlowski
Rechtsanwalt Joachim Pawlowski You can talk to me relaxed and straightforward. I will explain to you each step we will take. Joachim Pawlowski
Rechtsanwalt Joachim Pawlowski I work fast, do profound research and formulate accurately - It's all about clearity and efficiency here. Joachim Pawlowski

Appointments by individual arrangement. Home visits available.

If requested, I'm on my way to you within Lower Bavaria or in Munich.
I am ready to appear before court throughout Germany.

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